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Are you ready to experience psychic miracles that can leave you believing in the supernatural? That you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t experienced it for yourself? Hedné is able to read minds, predict the future, and even control the outcome of seemingly random events! It’s borderline scary. After performing all over the world, from San Diego, to Stockholm, and Shanghai, Hedné is now ready to bedazzle and mesmerize YOU!

Watch Hedné’s performance on «Penn & Teller: Fool Us»

Mind reader, magician, musician, psychologist

Hedné is a true renaissance man. Not only is he a highly acclaimed magician and mentalist, with numerous international performances for top-end clients and universities, he also holds an M.Sc. in psychology, and is a published researcher. Furthermore, he is the founder and conductor of the prize-winning female choir Multa Paucis!

In 2020 Hedné was featured on the internationally acclaimed TV show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us! A few years earlier, in 2017, he was a semi-finalist on Norway’s Got Talent, and won the prestigious Norwegian championship of magic in Stage magic, a title which he still holds.

Combining magic with his background as a psychologist, Hedné has performed and lectured for audiences all over the world, from Shanghai to Los Angeles, and from Budapest to Boston. Working regularly with clients such as MIT, EY, and Deloitte (to name but a few), he continues to stun and amaze spectators with his unique approach to magic and mentalism.

«Makin’ Voldemort look like a children’s birthday entertainer»

– Stian Blipp

Hedné med premier fra norgesmesterskapet i trylling 2017 og nordisk mesterskap i trylling 2018.

After performing magic for more than two decades, Hedné has established himself as a high-class entertainer and mind reader for all corporate audiences. In just the past 5 years, he has been featured on numerous prestigious television shows, as well as performing magic for radio audiences(!). His performance style is recognized by his elegance and wit, leaving his audiences mesmerized for days and weeks to come!

Whether up-close or on stage in a large venue, Hedné’s combination of elegant sleight of hand and incredible mind reading and psychological illusions come together in a unique blend. The entire is never without his warm and total presence. This allows for all audience members to experience the magic as intimate and directed at them personally.

Oppstilt promobilde for Hedné, tatt av Martin Lavik Nygaard

Hedné is the only Norwegian illusionist to have studied at both the McBride Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas as well as earning credits in professional magic performance from the University for Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hedné is available for corporate bookings as well as performances at private functions. Get in touch for availability and detailed information.

«Thank you again for the great magic you showed us at the Magic Castle. Your artistry is amazing!»

– James Piper


Judy Chen

«Definitely recommend going to his shows! I loved his interactions with us and was mesmerized by every single one of his tricks! Please come back!»

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Odd-André Overøie

«Hedné performed at our EY Entrepreneur Of The Year event. He did an excellent job, and captivated the entire audience with his magical performance. Hedné has a unique ability to communicate on stage and it clearly shows why he won the Norwegian championship of magic in 2017! 5/5 stars!»

James Minor

«Each time has Hedné performed I was blown away by his technical complexity, engaging manner, and overall show design and execution. 10/10, would strongly recommend! Enjoyable on all levels from amateur magician down to small children. Even if you think you’re a savvy person, parts of this show will leave you wondering if magic is actually real.»

Get in touch

Hedné is available for corporate bookings as well as performances at private functions. He is also available for digital/streaming shows. Format and duration is adjustable depending on your needs. You can also connect on social media.

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